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I am passionate about helping others because I know what its like to go through tough times. No one is immune to experiencing difficult times in life. I have struggled with many things in my life, such as abuse and trauma in my childhood, depression, areas of addiction. My clients often say this helps me be more relatable to their struggles.  If there is one thing about my story that can encourage you, it would be that there is HOPE that things can get better!


As a Licensed Counselor in the Lake Charles area, I've helped many walk through hard situations such as depression, anxiety, hard life events, sex & porn addiction, grief, suicidal ideations, divorce, abuse, neglect, infidelity coping with stressful school situations, & much more.


I currently specialize in working with depression, anxiety, faith-based counseling, couples counseling, and sex & porn addiction therapy. I am also the only Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) in Lake Charles and SWLA.  It is possible to overcome these issues, and sometimes it's okay to ask for help!

I invite you to schedule an appointment now! Why wait? YOU CAN overcome. YOU CAN conquer. YOU CAN change!


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Male, mid-20's

When I first heard about counseling for young men struggling with porn addiction I didn’t think I needed it and kept putting it off, but when I finally decided to go it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Brent Woods was such a great listener, was very understanding, and respected my values. He helped me find hope in my struggle and to stop shaming myself from the past. I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with addictions. 

Female, mid-30's

Brent is an excellent therapist that specializes in areas that are unique to our area. Each session offers a safe, open environment to share, be heard, and most importantly to be held accountable. Each session leaves you refreshed and with attainable action steps to help make recovery in any area a success. Brent is understanding, non-judgmental, and honest. He helps you see and understand your struggles, while providing exceptional insight for healing.

Female, 40's

Brent was there for me and my children during a very difficult transition in their lives. Their lives were rocked to say the least. Brent helped me as a parent understand what my children were feeling and explained ways to help get them through this hard time. He was kind and compassionate and I really liked the spirituality aspect of Brent’s counseling. He was able to work with my son to help him with his low self esteem and was helpful in my son beginning to find his own identity. Brent was there to help my children and I have tough conversations that we needed to have but could not seem to find the right way to communicate with each other.


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