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Sex Addiction

I am passionate about working with both addicts and partners or addicts, to guide them both on the process to healing from an issue that is oftentimes hard to discuss and wrapped in shame and guilt. I believe that after surrendering to the process, addicts and partners can begin to find peace and hope. 

I offer individual counseling sessions and family counseling sessions to work through issues surrounding sex and pornography addiction. I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) trough the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. I have over 120 hours of training, plus over 30 hours of supervision specifically for work with sex and pornography addiction. 

Sex Addiction Therapy in Lake Charles, LA

If you or someone you know have issues with any of the following, please reach out today!

  • Partner hiding pornography use

  • Unhealthy/Codependent relationships

  • Love Addiction​

  • Affairs and infidelity

  • Excessive Masturbation or viewing of pornography

  • Pornography induced erectile dysfunction

  • Public nudity

  • Utilizing prostitutes

  • Problems with strip clubs or massage parlors 

  • Intimacy Disorders

***We also work with partners of sex/porn addicts to overcome betrayal trauma***