Do you take insurance?

WCS currenlty is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. We are currenlty in the process of getting paneled with Tricare (military). If we do not accept your insurance, please reach out to see if we can incorporate our sliding scale rates.

How long do I need to come to therapy?

Therapy is tailored to each individual's or families' needs. Therefore, depending on circumstances, therapy may take longer, or be more brief. We generally say to expect to be in therapy at least 6 months to a year when working through serious issues.

What is Sex Addiction? Am I a Sex Addict?

This is generally a much harder question to answer than you may think. There are certain criteria for sexual addiction, similar to other addicitons, but sexual addiction is generally somewhat more difficult compared to other forms of addiction. If you find yourself generally unable to stop a specific sexual behavior, find yourself preoccupied with sex or a sexual behavior in which it intereferes with daily life, or you have unsuccessful efforts to stop an unheathy sexual behavior, you may have a sexual addiciton. You may want to visit and complete the Sexual Addiction Screening Test to get a better answer to this question.

What is EMDR? Is it really helpful for trauma and PTSD?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR emerged in the late 1980’s when Dr. Francine Shapiro realized through happenstance that eye movements appeared to decrease the negative emotion associated with her own distressing memories while walking in the park. Since that time, EMDR has developed into one of the leading modalities of treatment for therapeutic work with trauma victims. EMDR involves an 8 phase process in which basically eye movements are used in order to work through traumatic memories with the client. Studies continue to show more and more that EMDR is one of the most effective, and quickest ways to work through traumatic events compared to other modalities. For more information, please feel free to visit

What are your rates for sessions?

Cash Rates are as follows: Intake sessions are $135 Individual sessions are $125 Couples Sessions are $135 ***Insurance rates vary based on contracted rates from insurance providers, deductibles, and copays. Sliding scale rates are available and vary by a case to case basis.