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The Shells We Make....

We all do it. We have shells we carry around. Shells that protect us from the dangers in life. We let all the negativity make our shell stronger. We have to have resilience right?

What we don't do well, however, is let go of our shells. We try and hold on, because when we come out of our "shells" we are vulnerable.


Wow, what a word! A word that makes so many people uncomfortable. I mean, who likes to be vulnerable (raise your hand). No one enjoys being vulnerable, but, if we aren't vulnerable, how can we overcome. Just like this locust above, if it would try and stay in the shell, it would die. It has to come out, and be very vulnerable to continue to live.

Just like this locust, we have to persist daily in not letting things build up to the point where we cannot exit our shell when we need. Life comes in seasons. Seasons change. "Shells" change. Circumstances change. If we are sure about one thing, it's that life will throw curve balls and we will have to adapt. It's what makes us human.

And when we overcome, we conquer. But fear keeps us from progressing. So the first step is to identify what exactly is keeping you in your "shell". What's keeping you from moving forward. What's the thing that seems like it's protecting you but just keeping you stagnant? Let that sink in!

Don't stay stagnant. Don't stay in a rut.

Adapt. Overcome. Conquer. YOU CAN!

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