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Relaxation in a Fast-Paced World


We live in such a society that is fast paced. We have so many things to do, so many places to go. In America, we work more than most other countries in the world, getting consumed in "living to work" while "working to live".

We get caught up in thinking about the past, or thinking about the future, and often forget to remember that we can only live in the by day.

Is it even possible to relax in this fast-paced society?


Maybe you ask this question: "Relaxation??? What is that???"

Here are some tips that I think would be great to use when trying to relax



Often we forget to do this simple task, that is actually an involuntary bodily response. We don't usually think about breathing. We just do it. But... when we get in our heads and start to become anxious, we are so consumed with negative thoughts, we forget to breathe. So next time you feel anxious or stressed, take 15 minutes by yourself and...just BREATHE!


Like I stated above, sometimes we get caught up in excessive worry about the past or the future. We forget to be in the "here and now". Can you actually control things in the future or past anyways??? Then why try. Yes, only living in the moment can be an unhealthy thing...sure. But, so can only living in the past for future. We need balance to function.


Ok, I know what you are thinking here. "If I'm struggling with being in a fast-paced world, how do I find time to meditate or pray?". The truth is, we make time for what is important to us. If being constantly distracted by our phones, and checking facebook is important, we will do it. Did you know that Americans on average check their phones every 12 minutes during the day? It all adds up. So instead, try checking your phone every 20-30 minutes and spend a little extra time in prayer or meditation. Yes, this does depend on your spiritual beliefs, but pick a prayer, and try to be consistent with it daily. Consistency is the KEY!


So the next time you find yourself flustered and just to busy, try one of these quick tips to relaxing in a fast-paced society.

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