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It is often said, real change happens when you have others that can support you along your journey. In our groups, we offer an environment of support while you work through the hardest of situations. You aren't in this alone!


I offer the following counseling groups:

Betrayal Trauma Group for Women

This group is specifically focused on Women suffering from betrayal trauma from their husband's or partner's sexual acting out and infidelity. Betrayal trauma is often minimized and misunderstood, leading many women to not get the help they need in order to heal. Symptoms of betrayal trauma often manifest similarly to symptoms of actual PTSD. This will be a counseling process group with incorporation of material from Dr. Kevin Skinner, who a leading expert on betrayal trauma in the county. Call today for more information.

Breaking The Chains: Overcoming Porn Addiction (Men Only)

Pornography addiction is often misunderstood and controversial. Some say porn addiction is real, some say isn't. However, it cannot be denied that pornography has a grip on our society. In this group, we will explore how pornography effects you on multiple levels: body, mind, and spirit. We will examine different methods to take when trying to cease pornography use, and work on building your support network to help keep you living in sobriety. We will discuss how spirituality plays an important role in overcoming addiction and utilize aspects from 12-steps. Call today for more information!

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